Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013

Thank you


We´re almost done with all the shows for this year!
One last show left in Berlin @ Kastanienkeller on october, 26th with our good friends from THE KIDNAPPERS and FLYING OVER, before we´ll take a live break until february 2014 for the first time in the history of this band!
So come out to the show next week, its gona be a blast, we promise!!! Check the facebook event here:

We´re also just about to finish another 7" single with 2 brandnew songs that should be ready then for our next years US/South-America tour, which we plan to do in March/April 2014.
If you want to book a show or can help in any way get in contact here:

Furthermore we´ll finally update the Merch section within the next weeks. We have a handfull of limited shirts, 7"s and other crap left in here, which can be ordered directly and only through us then. We´ll keep you updated about this.

Thanks to everybody who was involved with this band in any kind of way this year. We´re neither about to name anybody here, nor speaking/writing big words. You know where you are and we love you all!!!!  

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